Checklist For Finding Your Perfect Reception Venue
May 18 , 2016

Checklist For Finding Your Perfect Reception Venue

Questions to ask when arranging a reception or business meeting

Checklist For Finding Your Perfect Reception Venue    
Finding the perfect venue for your wedding or business reception may seem a tall task, so here’s a checklist of questions to help you make your decision. 

  • Is the venue available on the date you want?  If not, find another venue or date!  OK...
  • Can the venue do the catering and supply waiting/bar staff, or do you have to arrange them separately?  
  • What is included in the catering (for example, drinks and coffee)?
  • Can they cater for dietary requirements  such as gluten-free or dairy-free as well as vegetarian/vegan?
  • Will it be OK to bring in, for example, a wedding cake that the venue has not supplied?
  • Can you bring your own wines (with or without a corkage charge) or do you have to use what the venue supplies?
  • How many people can the venue seat comfortably?  
  • Are there enough bedrooms at the venue or nearby to accommodate all the people who’ll be attending?  What is the rate per person per night (the “rack rate”)?
  • Is there enough parking, preferably off the road?  Is it free for guests?
  • Is the venue accessible for people coming by public transport?
  • Are the people at the venue friendly, experienced in running big events and able to give you good advice if you need it?  
  • Will you be dealing with the same person all the time or will a complete stranger be duty-manager on the day of your event? 
  • Is there just one room for events?  This is particularly important if there will be more than one part to the event (eg a wedding ceremony or lecture room-style meeting followed by a sit-down meal).  When furniture has to be rearranged and tables laid it’s much easier for everyone if the guests can be somewhere else for a bit.
  • Does the venue have audio-visual equipment or will you need to hire it separately?
  • Can the venue create your perfect reception within your budget?  Find out exactly what will be included and what won’t – things like table and chair decorations may or may not be covered.
  • What (else) is not included in the price?
  • What payment options can the venue offer?
  • Do they want a deposit?  If so, what percentage of the cost?  And when is the final payment due?
  • What is the venue’s cancellation policy?
  • Does the venue have insurance to cover your event or do you need to get your own?

That’s a lot of questions but by the time you’ve got all the answers you’ll know exactly what you have to do, and what the venue will do for you, to arrange your perfect reception.  That will reduce your stress enormously in the run-up to the big event. 
Here at The Red House Hotel we’ll be delighted to answer all your questions and offer you our expert advice to help you with organising your event, whether it’s a wedding, an important birthday party or a business event.  Call us today to arrange an appointment.

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