How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List
April 07 , 2016

How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List

Everything you need to know about wedding present lists online

How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List
Unless you’re going Greek and getting people to pin money to your dress, you’ll have to set up a wedding present list.  Even if you don’t think you need any more stuff, many guests will want to give you something.  Creating your list can be one of the most fun parts of organising your wedding.

Where do you start?
Put “wedding lists UK” into Google, and you’ll get 21.8 million results.  You won’t want to wade through all that lot, so here are some suggestions.
First decide what sort of things you want:  

  • If your new life together means you need a full set of everything for a new home, a department store list or a site that specialises in home-wares is an obvious choice.  
  • If you’ve been living together you may already have all you need for the house; if so, a site that will help people give you contributions towards funding your honeymoon or other big purchase will suit you.  
  • If you’d like your wedding to be a force for good in the world, you’ll need a site that allows your guests to contribute to charity.

How does it work?
Most sites charge you for their service and provide free delivery.  Many sites that offer a honeymoon fund service say they don’t charge commission, implying that some do, so that’s something to look out for.  Many sites let you customise how your list looks, and provide cards with the site details for you to send your guests.  All the sites require you to register, but they need varying amounts of information.

Finding the right site for you
TheWeddingShop has been helping bridal couples put gift lists together since 1989.  They are funded by the brands whose products they showcase, so there’s no charge to you or your guests.  But you can still add products that aren’t on their list, plus charity donations and honeymoon funding.  They can arrange free delivery in the UK mainland and Republic of Ireland, and also international delivery for a fee.
One of the best-known sites is Prezola.  Like TheWeddingShop, they work with a range of high street brands.  You can add custom gifts that aren’t on their list, honeymoon fund requests or donations to charity if you upgrade to their premium service.  It’s only £39, so not a huge expense if you like what they offer.

Another popular site is BuyOurHoneymoon, which has several different ways to help guests fund hotel stays, meals, flight miles or just a beer on the beach for you.  You can put physical presents on your list too.  They show prices in a range of currencies and the conversion rates are updated daily – helpful for guests or suppliers abroad.  

For complete freedom of choice 
Two sites look particularly good if you want to source your gifts yourself.  MarriageGiftList costs nothing and requires only minimal details from you.  You can pick your gifts from any online retailer and edit the list any time.  When a guest wants to buy something, the site sends them to the online retailer’s site where they make their purchase and then they come back to your list to confirm that the item has been bought.  There’s no delivery charge because the retailer delivers, not the site.  
Yol.io has an even more DIY feel to it.  You install their widget, visit online stores anywhere in the world, find the gifts you want, and then click the widget to have the item added to your Yol.io list.  You can also add links to information, so that people can research an item and then buy it from wherever they like.  Purchases work in the same way as with MarriageGiftList.  Registering with the site is free and allows you to create wish lists for events other than weddings, too.  The site isn’t very pretty, but it is very efficient.

When should you make your list?
As you can see, there’s a variety of sites, so take plenty of time to decide which one suits your style best.  Set up your list as early as you can: the longer guests have to decide what they want to give you and get it bought the better.
If you don’t want to know what guests have bought, get someone else to manage the list for you.  You’ll need to provide their email address to the site.  It can also be helpful to provide it with the gift list details you send to guests, in case there’s any problem.  And remember, there are people who don’t use computers or don’t like shopping online, so provide options for them, too.

Have you found the perfect wedding gift site, or decided on a different approach to wedding present?  Or perhaps you found a site that you want to warn other bridal couples about?  Share your thoughts and advice with us!

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