How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress
April 28 , 2016

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

7 questions to help you choose the perfect dress for your wedding

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress
You’ve found the perfect guy or gal, you’ve named the day and invited all your friends and relations, you’ve booked the venues and chosen your menu and wines.  Now you need The Dress.
Whatever your budget, here are some questions to help you discover the perfect wedding dress for your body shape, the time of year, the type of wedding you’re having and your (and your partner’s) personal style.

1. What sort of clothes do you already own?
Think about what you have in your wardrobe.  Which items make you feel a million dollars?  What shape are they, and what are they made of?  Would something like that work for the sort of wedding you’re having?  Even if it wouldn’t, it’ll give you ideas to start from.

2. How long have you got to find the dress?
If you’ve got months and months (and the cash) you can get something made to measure.  If you’ve left yourself a bit short of time, you’ll have to buy one off the peg and get it altered.  If you’re really short of time, buy a dress with corset-style lacing so it can be “altered” on the day (also handy if you lose or gain weight).

3. What’s your body shape?
If you’re short, go for something that will make you look taller: vertical seaming or inset panels can add a virtual couple of inches to your height.  If you have a large bust, avoid ruching or other detail at the top of the frock.  If you have an hourglass figure, show it off.  This is where the shop staff can really help; don’t rely on your girlfriends, who may want you to buy a dress that would suit them, not you.
The important thing is that your dress should be comfortable and not show off the bits of you you’d rather hide.  Having said that, even if you hate your feet don’t get a dress that’s so long it’ll trip you up when you dance!
And bear in mind that most of the photos your friends take will show you from the waist up, so a fabulous 12-foot train will not appear in them.  That doesn’t stop you wearing one, of course, as long as you can manage it.

4. What’s your personal style?
Do you favour the bohemian look, are you a party princess, or do you want to ooze glamour?  Do you prefer light floaty fabrics, gleaming heavy silks and satins, or fabulous lace?  Modern or traditional?  Do you want classic white or does it really not suit your colouring?  What height of heels will you be wearing (remember they’ll have to be comfortable for hours of standing up)?  Whatever you go for, remember that your dress needs to be comfortable for standing , sitting and dancing in.

5. What style of wedding are you having?
Is it a smart city wedding, or are you walking across the road from a wee country church to your reception?  If you’re walking, or riding an antique bike or a horse, a big frou-frou dress may not be very practical.  If you’re getting married in winter you may want a wrap, especially if the photos may be taken outside.  (Given the unreliability of summer weather, you may want one anyway!)
What will your groom be wearing – kilt, tuxedo, lounge suit, or full morning coat and striped trousers?  If you go all boho and he’s dressed up like someone out of Downton you’ll look a bit odd together.  It would be worth having the discussion with him before you start looking.

6. Are you wearing a veil, a headdress, or nothing on your hair?
Some wedding dresses just look odd without a veil, but some faces really don’t suit head-gear (and other people get headaches wearing anything that will stay on), so choose with that in mind.  Wear great jewellery elsewhere on your body if you want a bit of bling and can’t stand a tiara.  If you’re wearing a veil or headdress, make sure you try it on with the frock.

7. Will you want to keep the dress for later?
Wedding dresses are expensive, and many people get them cleaned and keep them.  If you think your daughter may want to wear your dress for her own wedding, skip the bang-up-to-date look and go for something classic.  If you want to wear it for parties yourself later on, get something that will be comfortable in lots of different situations and that you can subtly alter so it doesn’t look like a wedding dress.

Whatever dress you choose, have a great day and remember that a wedding is about more than just the frock.  Here at the Red House Hotel we have many years’ experience of helping to organise weddings, so get in touch to see how we could make yours go with a swing.

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