Organising a milestone birthday party
May 27 , 2016

Organising a milestone birthday party

Getting the details right for a milestone birthday party is important

Organising a milestone birthday party
Whether it’s an 80th or an 18th, organising a milestone birthday party is special.  It’s a big day for the person having the birthday and you want them to enjoy it, so getting the details right is important.
If you’re planning a party for an older person, they and their friends may not want an evening do, especially on darker evenings when driving in the dark can be a problem for older eyes.  A lunch or an afternoon event is a much better bet.  It gives people time to get to the party without rushing in the morning, and time to get home safely afterwards.  
Having a party that people can drop in and out of any time is also a good idea, so that people can stay for a short time or for the whole event, whichever suits them on the day.
If the party is for young people, an evening do with a band is more normal.  If that’s what you want, the ideal venue is one with bedrooms so there’s no problem with drinking and driving.

When you’re organising a milestone birthday party a themed party based on the year the person was born can be fun.  You could decorate the room with replica newspapers or cartoons from the birth date or year, play music from the year or decade, use photos of popular film stars of the time for place-markers at the dinner table.  You could even have a fancy dress party, with everyone in period style – just don’t make it compulsory; there’ll always be someone who forgets or hates the idea!
Or you could theme your party round a film or book that was released in the appropriate year, a favourite band or song, a game, a colour-scheme, food that was popular in the birthday boy’s or girl’s youth – the list is almost endless.  
If you don’t want a themed party, why not ask visitors to bring photos of the person from down the years?  It’s a great ice-breaker and a good reminder of who people are for those whose memory for names and faces may be less than perfect!  On the same subject, it’s often a good idea to make name badges for people who may not have seen each other for many years. 

Surprise, surprise
Not everyone like surprises, so don’t go arranging a surprise party unless you’re sure it’ll be appreciated.  Research by party planners shows that only about 50% of people enjoy them, and the percentage shrinks as people get older.  
For the others, there’s nothing worse than thinking they’re going out for a quiet lunch with a few family members, and then being ambushed by 40 or 50 people they haven’t seen for years and being expected to smile and remember everyone’s name and when they last saw them.  
Besides, the birthday person will probably enjoy being asked for advice and helping with the arrangements, especially the guest list.  It will build anticipation and excitement for the event and, if they have time on their hands, give them something fun to do with it; and it should mean less work for you!  

Organising a milestone birthday party should be fun, not a chore, so don’t try and do it all yourself.  Here at the Red House we’ve years of experience in putting on parties and events of all kinds and we’d be happy to help you organise yours.  Just phone or email and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

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