Children's Menu

Children's Menu


Homemade Soup with crusty bread

Freshly Grilled Garlic Bread

Macaroni Cheese with chips & peas

Beef Burger in a bun with chips & salad

Sausage Hedgehog with mash & gravy

Fish Fingers with chips & peas

Breaded Turkey Dinosaurs with chips & beans

Ice Cream Sundae with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate buttons and marshmallows

Fab Ice Lolly

Warm Chocolate Brownie with ice cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding, butterscotch sauce & vanilla ice cream

1-Course - £3.95     2-Courses - £5.95     3-Courses - £7.95

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"Alan, I wanted to thank you for a great weekend.  All of the lads really enjoyed the hotel, loved the food, appreciated the service and noted your attention to try and keep us all happy.  Of course, the golf was great too, and that helped. We are a well travelled group, we have been going on golfing trips together for 25 years, so the lads know what good looks like and they loved this weekend all round. So big thanks to you for all your efforts.  Hope the rest of the season goes well." Ian Grimwade Stayed July 2017 
Ian Grimwade
"Alan, once again many thanks for our stay at your hotel last week.  Good food, excellant wine, a comfortable room and such friendly staff." Dot Chard Stayed June 2017
Dot Chard